The X Index

The X Index

The Fifth Edition of Havas CX’s X Index reveals the “Hyper Experience” and how brands can use efficiency, pleasure, personalization, privacy, and community to deliver an exceptional consumer experience. 

The Hyper Experience

In this year’s research, we explore what it takes for brands to conceive and deliver a “hyper-experience” that can win minds and hearts. How can customer experience (CX) give people compelling reasons to buy? What aspects of the experience can be enhanced to ensure shoppers come away with a feeling not just of satisfaction and financial value but of pleasure? In this report, we answer those questions, drawing on findings from our fifth annual CX survey. 

The research

In 2022, Havas continued to make the research more global and deployed the X Index across ten countries—USA, UK, France, China, Mexico, India, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain—surveying 50,000 adults on more than 500 brands. These brands operate in a variety of industries, from fast food and fashion to transportation, technology, and finance, and include both 'bricks and clicks' (bricks-and-mortar brands that have gone through the digital transformation) and 'pure players' (digital native, online only).

Key findings

The X Index identified three key principles to create a best-in-class customer experience in 2023:

Making no compromise between efficiency and pleasure

In most countries we studied this year, the top two discriminating criteria are efficiency (efficiency category comes first in Italy, UK, Spain, and Portugal for brick-and-mortar brands) and pleasure (pleasure category comes first in France, US and Germany for brick-and-mortar brands). This result suggests that customers expect brands to offer a perfect experience from a functional point of view, but also from an emotional one.

Achieving personalization in the era of algorithms

From television to shopping, consumers have experienced the highest level of personalization in their interaction with brands. What does perfected personalization look like from a customer experience standpoint? How do consumers want their data used and what do they expect when it comes to how their loyalty should be rewarded?

The shift from customer to community experience

A look at consumer demands for diversity, representation and accessibility when it comes to the customer experience. How can brands adapt to meet these customer experience desires? What does a truly diverse and accessible consumer experience consist of and what brands have mastered it?

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