Business transformation

Building seamless solutions to common moving house challenges - through an iterative and agile process.


Orange, one of the leading telecommunications providers in Europe and Africa, knew that moving house posed a host of challenges for their customers. Keen to stand apart from their competition by helping alleviate pain points associated with this stressful transition, Orange needed a way to build seamless solutions to common moving challenges. But what would offer the most likelihood of increased satisfaction amongst this audience?

Our challenge was to test multiple enhanced offerings via the Orange call centres (ensuring call centre staff were maximally engaged in the process) and evaluate the success via measurement through NPS.

CX Solution

Havas CX set up a multi-disciplinary team composed of Orange and Havas staff members who worked together two days per week across two call centres for almost 5 months.

In order to test the potential solutions to improving customer experience during the moving house process, Havas CX built prototypes and toolkits for the call centre operatives to follow to test the responses from the audience. Including assets such as storyboards, solution sheets, memory aids etc., the team supported the client in-house team with as many resources as they could to maximise success.

A satisfaction survey was conducted regularly to observe the evolution of the NPS over time and measure the impact of the implemented solutions on customer satisfaction.

Business impact

Over the course of implementing the solutions to customers' moving challenges, the NPS multiplied by an average of 2.5. And not only this, but the process itself (collaborative, agile working between Havas CX and Orange) served to accelerate the adoption of agile working as an overarching method to be implemented across other projects and product launches.

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