Customer acquisition and engagement

Defining a new and highly engaging loyalty programme that resonated with the US fashion customer using a combination of primary research and customer data.


Historically, retail brands have struggled with participation from consumers in their loyalty programmes. Only 21% of shoppers reported scheduling their shopping experience to take advantage of rewards-related promotions. And a similar amount said a rewards programme did not influence where they shopped.

Lacoste is a global speciality retailer with thousands of stores and outlets worldwide, plus global ecommerce. Following the loyalty programme previously launched in Europe, our research indicated that this would not resonate with the US consumer. The US consumer reported feeling overwhelmed and jaded by the volume of loyalty programmes and lack of innovation and personalisation.

How could we ensure we orchestrated a loyalty programme that worked for the consumer and the brand in the US?

CX Solution

Using a combination of primary research and customer data, Havas CX defined a new and highly engaging loyalty programme.

We knew that whilst monetary incentives were important, we also needed to incorporate a healthy balance of experiential touches, transactional rewards and 'surprise and delight' tactics.

To justify the investment, we developed a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis with a 1-to-3-year MROI forecast.

The justification convinced Lacoste that not only was our programme the right experience for the US consumer, it would greatly contribute to sales and ultimately their bottom line.

Business impact

The programme is fully funded and scheduled for a national launch in Q1 2021. The programme drew so much attention across Lacoste globally that elements are now being incorporated into other global markets.

As part of our experiential rewards, we have incorporated highly engaging and coveted experiences, including exclusive athlete-signed items and merchandise/memorabilia, access to a special Lacoste Vintage Vault, all-expenses-paid trips to tournaments to see Novak Djokovic and much more.

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