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Working in partnership with IBM beyond that of a traditional agency role, Havas CX has designed, crafted, delivered and optimised IBM’s digital marketing programs across hundreds of projects.


Havas CX has been working with IBM since 1995. Working in partnership beyond that of a traditional agency role we have designed, crafted, delivered, and optimised their digital marketing programmes through hundreds of projects. IBM's key challenge over 20 years ago was that digital was a new phenomenon. IBM needed to be a leader, not a laggard, in the digital world - and that's what Havas CX has been delivering for them, against their various ambitious objectives ever since.

CX Solution

Havas delivers a full range of services, from strategy and execution to organisational design and internal enablement in the form of training and education. We built IBM’s first intranet in 1998, their first collaborative innovation platform in 2001, and their first proprietary CRM platform in 2004.

We were appointed IBM’s Global digital agency of record in 2009, replacing Digitas, and helped IBM embark on its agile marketing transformation as a founding partner of IBM Studios.

In 2011, we led the digital strategy and execution for IBM’s Centennial initiatives, as well as the launch of the Watson Jeopardy! Challenge. Since 2012, we have been involved in all of IBM’s major marketing initiatives, including Watson and IBM Cloud. We have also built and launched campaigns for them, including their IBM Developer work which was used to recruit new employees - from the strategy, to design system, to implementation.

Business impact

Some key highlights and results:

Think Academy

Design and build of IBM's internal learning platform, serving 400K employees across 175 countries.

IBM Grammy Connect

Created an experience that extended the Grammy's footprint and elevated viewers' engagement. We leveraged IBM Watson to reveal hidden connections between Grammy-nominated artists. Watson analysed more than 14 million articles and bios on 19,000 Grammy nominated artists to discover interesting and surprising connections.

IBM Watson Paths

Designed and developed a medical problem-solving tool powered by Watson AI that helps teach students to make better decisions. The tool learns as it interacts with users, adding responses to its vast repository of medical knowledge. Doctors have called Watson Paths a 'cognitive breakthrough' in the medical community and IBM's CEO presented it to multiple businesses calling it the 'best non-advertising advertising'. Coverage was received in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Wired.

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