City of Paris

Experience design

Designing an online experience to improve the experience of Paris visitors. Including app development and maximisation of data sources.


Paris is a notoriously busy and congested city and Havas CX's challenge from our client, the Paris Tourist Office, was to design a more harmonious experience of the city by maximising data sources and streamlining the digital experience. As this project was conducted as part of the Datacity challenge, Havas CX was mandated to complete conception to MVP in less than 4 months. This spanned: framing the problem, exploring the available data, designing a solution, then development and testing in real conditions.

CX Solution

To meet this challenge, Havas CX developed a brand new app. We operated an agile methodology with several work streams operating in parallel in order to deliver an MVP in time for the deadline:

  • Stream 1: Development of graphic identity, main and secondary screens, integration within the OTCP site and storyboards built bringing all stakeholders together to align on progress.

  • Stream 2: Creation of databases and data infrastructure on GCP, labelling of data sources, and feeding WIP algorithms.

  • Stream 3: Developing algorithms for creating mini neighbourhoods and recommended routes within these neighbourhoods to ensure the desired objective of reducing congestion was being met.

Business impact

This project received an IIDD (International Institute for Information Design) Silver Award in recognition of the project's demonstration of how human behaviour and data can come together to improve experiences. In only 4 months, this Datacity challenge enabled Havas CX to develop:

  • A clear understanding of the competitive tourist app landscape.
  • A unique database of tourist locations and key activities in Paris.
  • A fully functional application allowing tourists to create personalised and authentic itineraries according to their preferences and visit dates.
  • A successful collaboration between organisations of differing sizes and nature i.e. Mastercard, OTCP, APUR, Ville de Paris, NUMA and MFG Labs
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